Friends and Relationships

lancsFri&relLancashire friends and relationship group works to support projects that help people with learning disabilities have friends and relationships.

People with learning disabilities have told us this is one of the most important issues for them.

You can find out about the work the group has done on these pages.


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We asked learning disability support providers if they had a policy about friends and relationships. We found that not many had one. The ones that did have policies did not have very good ones.

The group did some work on what a good policy would look like. We organised a workshop with support providers to agree policy guidelines they could use to make their own policies. You can download the policy documents from the links below

Guidelines to Write a Sexuality Policy       Policy_National_Contacts  Policy checklist    Relationships & Sexuality Good Practice  POLICY_LEGAL_CONTEXT

meet n match

If you are looking to make new friends, or to find a boyfriend or girlfriend, Meet N’ Match is here to help.

Meet N’ Match will help to put you in touch with people you might like. They also organise social events for people to get together.


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