PIMD Group

The Profound Intellectual and Multiple Disabilities (PMID) Group works to raise awareness of the needs of people with profound and multiple disabilities.

The group aims to promote good quality services and social inclusion.

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Terms of reference.

Click on the picture to read the terms of reference for the group. The terms of reference explain the purpose of the group, its membership and how it works.




PIMD Survey report.

We did a survey of people with PIMD and their families and carers. We wanted to see what people thought the main issues were for them.

We have written a report with the results of the survey. You can read it by clicking on the picture.



It is vital that people supporting someone with a learning disability understands their communication needs.

To help providers make sure their staff have the skills and understanding needed, we have produced a communication checklist. Providers can do a self check and take action where it shows gaps in their staff’s skills and knowledge. Get a copy of the checklist here.